Our Mission

Do you think Chinese is the most difficult language?
Is learning boring and dry?

We believe language power is in you;

We believe one learns a language quickly in a relaxing, interesting setting. That’s why we create this optimal environment for you. We are here to bring in confidence and bring out your inborn language potentials.

Our Team

We are a team with diverse skills and interests, united around one thing: helping more people learn Chinese.


Christine Xiao had 10 years successful corporate career in HR and training. I believe everyone has an exceptional language acquisition ability, but they need a better learn method to match their capability.

Head Of Art

Lei Zhang has more than 10 years experience in visual design. I dreamed of becoming an interior designer when I was little, I am hopelessly visual. I may choose food by its garnish and choose book by its cover. But through all the choosing, I also learned how to design when it is about to be chosen by its users. I am from China, and happy to help people learn Chinese with ease and fun.


I’m Xiaoxi, the technology hacker. My research in computer aided the self-tutoring system has grabbed my passion since university. After spending many years in software design and development, Pandadar is the stage to combine dream and skills.

My team explores best solutions and coolest technology to help our learners achieve their goals.

Professional Tutors

We are tutors. We are the most important part of Pandadar.

We are passionate and determined educators, by profession and at heart. We are experienced in Chinese teaching, understand Chinese learner’s pain points. Our name is Qiuyin Zhou, Ji Xiao, Lu Li, Qian He…..We are here to help you!

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If you have any questions, please leave us a message.

U.S.: 3000 Sand Hill 3-110 Menlo Park, CA 94025
Canada: 440 Galatina Way, Kanata, ON K2K 0E5

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