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“The teaching methods used by Pandadar are quite engaging – the continuing stories of David’s business trip to China are interesting and practical.  We’ve been learning to write some Chinese characters at the same time.  I couldn’t be happier with Pandadar and have learned so much in the past few months!” – Tyler from Ottawa


“As someone who has never really tried to learn Chinese before, Pandadar was a great introduction. I think that I learned a lot more in this one-on-one personalized session than I could have during a group class. My instructor was knowledgeable and patient. She tailored the lesson around my priorities and my learning style. I also enjoyed being able to learn from the comfort of my own home.” – Theresa from Vancouver


“Pandadar Chinese classes are interesting, and I think I am learning useful things about the Chinese language. The teacher keeps everyone involved and makes sure we all are making progress together. ” – Paul from Corporation Group Class in Ottawa

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Pandadar's online class offers you great flexibility in time and location while keeps the interaction of a traditional classroom. The class is only 30 minutes. See how much you can improve in the time of a cup of coffee.


Everyone's learning style and learning goal are different. Pandadar builds courses around you. Your teacher adapt courses to your progress. In the more advanced levels, you can select the subjects and topics you are most interested in.


Pandadar instructors have extended expertise in Teaching Chinese As A Second Language. All of them have obtained at least one of internationally-recognized teaching certificates.


Pandadar team carefully designs a lively set of course materials based on real life scenarios. Our welcoming characters will help you understand and use Chinese.

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